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Inventory With Product

How does inventory and availability of a product work ?‚Äč

Suppose you've 3 inventories of a product. Now if anyone book this product from a 01/02/2023 to 07/02/2023 , then this product also be available for the next customers in that dates. Because there are still 2 more inventories available in that particular dates. If the next two customers book this product in same dates, then for the fourth customers that dates will be unavailable. If you have set your Inventory Quantity Field to 1 then then the rental item you have created will be blocked form 01/02/2023 to 07/02/2023.

If you set your inventory quantity is set like the attached screenshot ,The item will still be available after first booking


If you set your inventory quantity is set to 1, after customer has booked the item in those dates Then the item will not be bookable for certain date-range.